red and green already.

I’m trying to not be a procrastinator this year. So yes, I have started thinking about Christmas in September.

Handmade Christmas cards are always a pain if I try to do them all at once, so I figured I would do a little at a time to get them ready and assembled. Then when it gets closer I’ll write on them and get them addressed. I already had the idea for the design a few months ago and have had to force myself to not work on them until now.

I’m cutting, trimming, and edge punching all day, and will do the rest at some other time. As long as they are ready to address by December (plus it might take me that long to find that damn green tape I have and want to use). I pride myself in personal Christmas cards–instead of a generic old message that goes out exactly the same to everyone. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it’s not my style. That alone can take a half a day!


2 Comments to “red and green already.”

  1. I love getting cards in general that someone made. I know that they made more than just mine, but it makes them think that you made it special for them. I hate getting a Christmas card with little pieces of paper that come flying out of them so I dont think that you should do anything like that!!

  2. Oh no, these will all be secured because I hate fly-aways too! :)

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