last year.

I never mailed that Valentine’s card
because the words were heavy
and I wasn’t sure
how you’d handle such honesty.

Change is scary
(and rejection scarier)
so even though I stamped the envelope,
I couldn’t make myself
drop it in the box to you.

The love wouldn’t be worth
the risk of losing everything else.

I’ll just keep my heart quiet
for now.


2 Comments to “last year.”

  1. youve got a deep heart my friend. Kansas just might not have the kind of guy you need. ;)

    I think it’s time for you to relocate to the good ole South where our mamas taught us to say please, thank you, and Ma’am.


    • Thank you. It’s nice to know there are worthwhile ones out there! :):) btw, I’ve been meaning to throw you an email to catch up. Hope all is well.

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