my mom, ftw again

I have been looking for old pictures for ages. Like, old old vintage pictures to incorporate into some of the scrapbooking/mini-booking I do. I didn’t really want them to be of people I knew or was related to. I wanted random ones mostly so I could deface them as art. My mom came through again, no surprise. She found these at a garage sale, and they are pretty perfect. I almost don’t want to use any of them because they are just that cool. I mean, there are a few of them that are of Civil War soldiers (those are going in a keepsake box or something, no using those). Seriously, they’re THAT OLD!

I’m sure they’ll keep me busy for a while. I’ll either be flipping through them, looking at all the cool things about them or gluing/pasting/painting/cutting them somehow.


One Comment to “my mom, ftw again”

  1. I love these old photos. A friend of mine once bought an old scrapbook at a garage sale – it was all about an australian womans trip to england back in the fifties on a cruise ship. All her tickets and menu’s, lots of photos. Its a bit sad to think that these things that were special to someone one day end up in a garage sale. But then its good that they are found by someone who wants to use them again.

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