final X-mas cards.

I like making my own stuff, putting my own touch on the things that people see from me. Last year’s Christmas cards were thought up and done within a few days, but this year (obviously) took a little more thought and planning and time. I wanted to get them done early, and I succeeded in that part at least. Done before Thanksgiving! It’s not fun trying to throw things together at the last minute with no room for error. It just makes everything look like a big hurried mess.

I really like the ones I made this year because they’re simple, but still bright and cheery. And totally me.

I showed them to my sister, and all she could say was “Man, how do you think up this good crap??” I suppose that’s good. :)


4 Comments to “final X-mas cards.”

    • hehe, thanks. I wanted to go with the whole “photobooth” concept that has been so popular the last year or so. And they cost next to nothing!

  1. ooohh, i make cards too. these are lovely :D
    i’ve decided not to make christmas ones though – soooo many to make! :)

    • If I didn’t start early, I never would have gotten them done! I’m going to have to look at some other way for next year because I doubt I’ll have the time or energy to do a process again. :)

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