I meant to get pictures of my new office, but dang it, it has been so busy at work! Month-end reports, audits, corrective actions, plus a million other things. I’ll get some next week hopefully.

My new Kindle is on its way. I’m so excited! Now, let me assure you, I love paperback books. I love that I can dog-ear pages that I want to come back to. I love feeling accomplished when I can see my bookmark getting closer and closer to the back. Paperback books are so cumbersome though. I don’t have the energy to lug one around all the places that I want to go. And I am prone to papercuts ALL the time. It’s a gift to get a papercut in the oddest (and most sensitive) places on my hands. I hate that. I told my mom to NOT get me a Kindle because I was buying one myself. She laughed and said she was surprised it took me this long. :)

No other news. This week has been seriously exhausting.

Chiefs game on Sunday!! (Oooh yes, get ready Denver!)

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