tick tock.

time really changes nothing
except for what we want
it to.

time really doesn’t help heal
wounds, just gives us
other reasons to forget
that sharp pain and only feel
an ache on occasion
when we are able to remember
what hurt we hold.
it eventually fills each loss
with new happiness.
it turns scabs to scars
but doesn’t erase
such memories of how
each wound was marked.

time is like a friend
who treats you well
–or badly–depending
on how fast or fun
your days are lived,
what colors you allow
into your life.
I, myself, live beautifully and big
and red.

it floats around in the air
stretching our skin a little farther
with each season
until one day, we hardly recognize
the person we have become,
so different than that young one
who held dreams and hopes
but got sidetracked
along the way.

time isn’t really anything
but feels like

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One Comment to “tick tock.”

  1. not sure how you manage to write such accessible poetry that’s full of great imagery but still reads like just an everyday conversation over coffee. great job.

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