25 update.

1. Crochet a scarf.
2. Make at least 1 Head Change show.
3. Repaint and redecorate my room.
4. Use my laptop on a more regular basis.
5. Read 15 books total, including at least 3 design books.
6. Attend at least 1 Chiefs game. (not gonna happen, too cold!)
7. Buy a new van.
8. Make friend dates more often.
9. Wear more accessories.
10. Try at least 3 new restaurants.
11. Meet 5 new friends.
12. Design a logo.
13. Buy a new DSLR.
14. Get an orchid.
15. Have a garage sale.
16. Make and keep an eye appointment.
17. Sell a photo print.
18. Take naps.
19. Watch 10 new movies.
20. Less worrying.
21. Save money. (After the new DSLR, of course.)
22. Sew.
23. Go 1 day per week unplugged from internet.
24. Get a poem published.
25. Send more mail.

There are a few goals that aren’t going to be accomplished before August, and I am okay with it. No Chiefs game. Probably not the scarf. But as long as I get most of them scribbled off the list, I’ll be happy. I’m halfway there already. (And I saw some gorgeous orchids today, just didn’t have enough hands to carry it along with groceries to the car. Maybe this week. )

The best part of making goals is putting it all in my little book. :)


2 Comments to “25 update.”

  1. I would LOOOOOOOOVE to see more of this book!!

    • I will get more pictures soon Allie, and I’ll let you know! I think this is my favorite mini so far. And it’s so simple and easy.

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