I am my own.

I don’t think that a full “picture” comes across on this blog about me, about my personality as a whole, only bits and parts of it. I tend to purge all of the really soft moments and feelings here because I am usually too stubborn and proud to let many people around me see them or comfort me when I might need it. It’s just how I protect myself partly I guess. So I thought I might let you all in on a little more of me, as a whole, beside the writer and photographer and occasional crybaby.

+ I am a smartass. I’ve been told that so many times I can’t even count so it’s not like I gave myself that title. I tend to make light of situations that other don’t (for instance, my paralysis/wheelchair). Sometimes it’s so much easier to heal with things with a laugh.

+ People drive me crazy with their stupidity. I have a short tolerance for people who live their life recklessly and then complain about how messed up things are for them. I am not mean or confrontational or anything like that; I just walk about or change the subject or stay quiet. It gets the point across. If you don’t like the way things are going, change something. Right?

Ah, only two tidbits today. It’s going to be a busy day, but with what, I’m not yet sure.


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