A new kind of sketch.

As in blueprints. House plans. Layouts of rooms.

I have been ready to move for a while. I wrote a year or so ago about a townhome that I was going to get. That didn’t happen, mainly because I was apprehensive and too chicken to admit it. Plus I didn’t have a job.

This year is different, with a whole different set of plans. I want to build a house. My brother first brought up the idea, considering buying a house and modifying it would still leave me a little empty. He knows me and my “I-want-it-this-way” type of thing about interiors/interior design. I was like “No way!” at first, but as time goes on and houses I have looked at on the market are out of the question, the idea sounds better and better. It will be a one-level berm home. No need for a basement (super good idea for a handicapped person) and cheaper on heating/cooling.

(Plus my dad just can’t stay in this house. Most people with emphysema can’t handle dust/pollen/etc., and my dad is no different. I’m moving, and I’m taking my parents with me.)

I am planning on skylights (this makes me heart flutter!) and bright walls (think yellow/white for the office) and open spaces. A few years ago, we took a vacation to Branson, and the condo we stayed at was open and airy and beautiful. I want my home to feel that way too.

More on this as plans develop. :)


One Comment to “A new kind of sketch.”

  1. I am looking forward to hearing more about your plans…

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