ear infection: I am not a fan.

No sir, I am not.

I noticed my ear ached a few weeks ago, and then there were a few times that it was horrible. I almost cried because it felt like something in my ear was exploding after I got off the phone (at work, imagine that). But it’s been okay for about a week. I figured I just got some wind in it or something this past weekend at the pond.

I was wrong.

I went to the doctor earlier because I just haven’t felt too good all week. Tired (beyond normal, for sure) and pissy and just all-around crappy. My doc barely looked in my ear for a second before saying “No wonder your ears hurt!” I don’t know what ear infection looks like, but it must have been bad.

Now, antibiotics and my Kindle are my friends. I am going to finish The Book Thief before the weekend (because I am not going to work to suffer tomorrow). I think that’s probably the only good thing out of this.


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