+ New printer works like a champ. I am excited to make the kids’ birthday invites and family reunion invites now. I was so far past due for an upgrade.

+ I am really bad at being sick. It makes me emotional, and I cry almost every time. I hate it.

+ A trip to KC is in the future. Soon. I miss my buds.

+ I love looking through old photos, even the ones of times that weren’t so fun (rehab). It’s nice to go back sometimes. And it’s more fun to post them on Facebook and tag every single name so all their friends can se how much of a nerd they were.

+ My friend’s baby died, and he was 2 years old and looked like a little angel porcelain doll in his tiny white coffin. Pretty little lips and long eyelashes. So, so sad.

+ The Book Thief is done and read. Great book. A few parts are slow, but I mostly love the point-of-view. Definitely recommend.

+ I used to be good at babysitting. Lately, I have no patience for the screaming. I’d rather they just want to watch movies.

+ New blog design = refreshing. A change is so nice sometimes.

+ Slipped and cut my forearm open on my mirror stand. I think the only good thing is that it’s a part of my arm that I can’t stand. Uck, makes me queasy.

+ First trip to Subtropix, Mike and Debbie’s new sub shop.  Sooo good!  I think that having a good sub shop so close to home will be a really good thing or a really bad thing!


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