back to normal programming.

Yesterday wasn’t a particularly hard day like I had half-anticipated. In fact, it was much like any other Tuesday. I was busy at work with scripts and videos and meetings, and I was exhausted by the time 2 o’clock rolled around.

I think that worrying so much about the anniversary of my wreck had me so stressed and pre-occupied over the last few weeks, I didn’t really recognize the stress at all. I never know exactly how I will feel on April 26 of each year, and that uncertainty makes me question the importance of the day. Maybe I make too big of a deal of it, you know? Maybe I put too much importance on it and should brush it off.

Either way, I am glad it is over, and life can resume to normal for another year.


One Comment to “back to normal programming.”

  1. You’re the only one who knows how to process it and the only thing we can do is support you in however/whatever you do or decide.

    Do hope things are well and that you know we’re all right here (me…I have to check in daily or else I’ll go bonkers.).

    : P

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