slight rant.

Gaining weight is hard. It’s so frustrating. Probably the same kind of frustration that anyone feels when they are trying to lose weight and just can’t seem to, no matter what they do.  Sometimes the trying never pays off, and you’d rather smack someone than try anymore.

My goal is a pound every week.  It sounds small, and it is, but trying to fatten myself up quickly isn’t really healthy. Plus my arms are going to have to get used to hauling around a body that is 5-10 pounds heavier than it has been for 8 years.

I have resorted to using a calorie counter.  I know, a calorie counter.  I’ve seen them work for some friends who were losing weight, and I figured it can’t hurt to try in a different way.

I stuffed my face today, kept track of everything, and still am down 550 calories from my goal.  WHAT THE HELL?! How do people gain weight in a healthy way and stay sane?  Or keep from puking everywhere because their stomach can’t take anything else?  I’m going to stock up on protein bars and snacks that are relatively healthy, stuff high in protein and carbohydrates.  That’s the next “try.”

This is going to be a bigger challenge than I had anticipated.

2 Comments to “slight rant.”

  1. Guinness is a great way to gain weight. It has a low ABV and is packed with nutrients. It is called mother’s milk for a reason… :)

  2. Just wait until your 30’s. You’ll gain weight, Ms Metabolism!!! ;)

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