iPad = iLove.

Isn’t she a beauty?

She was so white and shiny that I almost didn’t want to touch her and make any smudges. But of course, I gave in.

I’ve had my iPad a few days and am so glad I decided to get one. It’s going to be so much more convenient than lugging my Macbook around, but still larger and easier to write on than my phone.

When I was ordering it, I couldn’t decide what I wanted inscribed on the back, but I finally settled on my favorite quote by Charles Bukowski. “If there is light it will find you” I’ll admit that it is probably a misrepresentation of his poetry as a whole. He was better known for his vulgarity, but man, some of those last lines of even his most vulgar poems can definitely stab at your heart. He was good at getting me in the end.

And I think it sort of describes me, too. I have always loved that about that one little line. So there it is.


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