+ Stressed out at work because the auditor will (finally) be here on the 13th. I’m aggravated with everything, it seems (like you couldn’t tell from yesterday’s post, ha). Plus the van door is acting up. I swear! A day off is much needed.

+ Swamp People is my new favorite show. It’s just…funny.

+ I’m waiting to hear about loan options. It’s a different, exciting kind of stress.

+ Summer will never be as good as the summer of 2002 was. Never.

+ I realized that one of the things I am going to miss the most about this house when I move will be the color of Chuck’s tree in the fall. That gorgeous gold.

+ I found a new tinted moisturizer called Jouer. Feels like lotion, looks like foundation, lasts all day. Love it. Ordered!

+ Protein bars aren’t too bad. I think I just had to get used to them. Boost is still a work in progress. That stuff still makes me gag.

+ I am working on looking at things a little bit differently. I’ll go into that later on, in a much longer post.


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