+ Since I got a job and am not in school myself, I have no idea what days the kids start school, get out of school, any of that. It’s an odd feeling to see kids going home from the pool when I am on the way home from work. Not so long ago, that was me walking home with a heavy towel and hair that smelled of chlorine.

+ I still don’t like our crazy neighbors.

+ I wish I had your patience. And stability.

+ This past weekend was exhausting. I’m still catching up.

+ The van door is broken. Like it works because the repair guys rigged it until they can get the parts in, but it’s broken anyway.

+ I don’t get why people are surprised when their “sexting” photos are leaked/forwarded. Seriously, have we learned nothing from celebrity sex tapes? Nothing is private to someone who hates you!


One Comment to “thoughts.”

  1. haha. i love the last one. i think people should be a lot more cautious out there. especially the footballers :D xx

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