26 goals.

I always try to make goals that are achievable, things that aren’t going to break the bank or drive me insane trying to accomplish. The first one on this year’s list *might* break the insanity part, but it’s a goal nonetheless.

I think 26 is going to be a very good year. :)

+ Get house-building started
+ Cut out negative people
+ 5 DIY projects
+ Read one book per month
+ Picture-a-day
+ Paint a yellow room.
+ Purge old make-up, lotions, craft stuff…etc.
+ Clean/detail van 1x per month
+ Use Instax film stash
+ Get one new tattoo
+ Cut back on cussing (such a bad habit)
+ Wear glasses more often
+ Journal 4x per week
+ Organize my office at work
+ Use more blog graphics
+ Try 4 new restaurants
+ 2 pops per week
+ Gain another 10 pounds
+ Try something new with my hair
+ Buy new bedding
+ Be a tightass about money
+ Organize jewelry
+ Eat more fruit
+ Learn to shoot a gun
+ Go to another state


One Comment to “26 goals.”

  1. great goals :) good luck with achieving them! :D xx

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