+ I started my (homemade, of course) first Smash book. I hadn’t planned on doing a 26 book, but I think a Smash book would be easier (and sloppier and more fun) than a normal tidy mini book on what happens this year.

+ Birthday weekend was a success. Two great nights with great friends….but not so great hangovers.

+ I went to the bank and talked to the loan manager. I have a better understanding of how the “process” of building a house is going to go….so now I am going to start making the calls to the right people. :)

+ And the crazy penny-pinching is starting too.

+ Those days when a little compliment starts it off right are the best.

+ I am again hooked on Words with Friends. Man, who knew Scrabble could be so fun?


2 Comments to “thoughts.”

  1. the book looks real sweet :) gosh, u do keep creative! xx

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