goodbye august.

+ I loved turning 26. Weird, I know.
+ I loved flowers and balloons from my friends/family.
+ I loved the mountains. So much inspiration and cleansing for my jumbled-up soul.
+ I loved the plum crazy eyeshadow from Kristi. Made me feel sex-ay!
+ I loved the photo opportunities. I never get to be the one who someone else photographs.
+ I loved showing everyone that I have gained the weight I’ve been trying to….and keeping it on.
+ I loved seeing old friends after 4+ years….and knowing nothing has changed.
+ I loved hearing that it is okay to ask for help when I (might) need it.
+ I loved being permanently employed.
+ I loved being back in my own bed after a week out of town.
+ I loved seeing my friends so happy in their lives.
+ I loved baby Hailie being born on my birthday! Nothing could have been more exciting.


2 Comments to “goodbye august.”

  1. I would love to turn 26, too! Actually did it once decades ago.

  2. i ate a grasshopper once……………………..

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