+ Lewis Black was awesome on Friday night. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.

+ Tangled is such a cute movie. Funny and sarcastic and sweet for a kiddie movie.

+ I am looking forward to a quiet(er) week. I have been really stressed about the land and some other things. It will be nice to just chill out and breathe.

+ Cooler weather means hoodies and scarves and hot cider drinks. As much as I love summer (and tank tops), I love the coziness of fall. It’s just winter that I dread.

+ I am going to start carrying my camera everywhere again. I need that part of me back again.

+ Fantasy football = awesome. My Jamaal Charles is out with a torn ACL, but I am still doing well. It might be early to gloat, but I am the only girl in our league and am sitting on top. So I can gloat a little. :)


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