a few things.

First, thanks for the comments and emails from everyone worrying about me after my surgery.  I really am okay.  Even went back to work today. It wasn’t a major surgery, just one that left me with quite a bit of pain, but that is getting better and better with every day. I didn’t tell anyone (besides my family and a few people at work) because I didn’t want anyone to be too worried. Not even my best friend knew I was having it done. Maybe I’m just too tough for my own good. Anyway, I’m on the mend, and the thoughtful concerns were nice. My coworkers also sent me a plant for my office as a get well present. How sweet. Thank you, all of you.

Second,the land is officially all mine. I signed the rest of the paperwork yesterday, and we are planning cleanup and grooming (taking out the ugly hedge trees – I hate them!) soon. I am always a regretful buyer of anything big, but this is different. I am sort of proud of myself for seeing this “dream” through, even if it isn’t done yet. No going back now.

Third, fall. It is still lovely. The trees are still changing, and the weather was much cooler today. sigh. I love it.


2 Comments to “a few things.”

  1. so glad darlin. and proud of your land purchase. ur all growed up. ;) love your chucks as always. lilybean just got some new chucks too. complete with glitter and skulls. god i love rock n roll girls!

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