26 SMASH update.

I love this book. I have tried art journals before, but never really got into the idea. I think I put too much emphasis on making things look pretty instead of what content was there. This book is different. I am embracing the SMASH idea, and the fact that I was able to make this for so little money makes that easy. I make it messy and sloppy-looking and quit worrying about whether things were sticking out/up or crooked. I can stop hoarding away good supplies because nothing in this book has had much cost at all. In fact, almost everything has been stuff that has been lying in my crafty supplies for a while.

The important thing for this project: To make sure that what I want to remember is there. The words that are going to make me say AHA! when I read them months or years down the road. Some of the words have been pulled from blog posts or journal entries, and some haven’t. It just depends.

I can’t wait to keep painting, adding pictures, and sloppily getting all of 26 in there.


2 Comments to “26 SMASH update.”

  1. Inspiring!

    Thank you for sharing ;-)

  2. Great idea…I like that it is a diary without being so…diary-ish.

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