+ Sometimes you find just what you need when you aren’t even looking for it.

+ I need to get seriously serious about this house. I can’t drag my feet anymore about it.

+ There are certain friends I can talk to about anything, and they are the best ones to have.  I feel much better after Friday’s dinner.

+ A neglected opportunity by one person turned into someone else’s good luck. So why, then, do I feel guilty about it?

+ Glitter can make or break any project I do.  Lately, it’s been making them.

+ I have sent more texts in the last 2 weeks than I think I ever have. My fingers are gonna get tired.

+ Never underestimate the power of unexpected roses. Even girls who aren’t typical “I like flowers” girls (me!) fall for them sometimes.


4 Comments to “thoughts.”

  1. You are having some good thoughts. Well, maybe not the “guilty” one–let that one go.

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