christmas cards, part 1.

Lots of glitter and love.

I kept with my annual “handmade” Christmas card tradition this year. Not that it is a huge surprise, especially since I haven’t had much creative outlet lately otherwise. I always like something that is out of the ordinary, and simple. The simpler, the better imo. People remember extravagant, but they remember simple too.

I know some people find glitter gaudy and overused and a big ol’ pain-in-the-butt, but I found pretty glitter that fit perfectly with the stamp I wanted. Phase one (glue/glitter/stamp) only took one afternoon, which mostly was waiting for the glue to dry.

Next phase? Envelopes! Keep your eyes peeled. :)
(excuse the horrible lighting on the pics. I didn’t have time to lighten!)


One Comment to “christmas cards, part 1.”

  1. I thought everybody liked glitter! You are so thoughtful to make your cards, a very sweet gift.

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