random things.

+ I only have a super small tv in my room because I rarely watch it.
+ I use one specific kind of mousse in my hair because everything else makes me hair crunchy.
+ Sharpie pens and Uniball Power Tank pens are my fav. Rarely use anything different.
+ I think magazines smell good. They have a unique smell.
+ Gas station door handles creep me out.
+ I have a few OCD tendencies, but I call them superstitions.
+ There isn’t much that I don’t tell my sister. Good or bad.
+ I wish I had taken better advantage of life before I started a full-time job. Like sleeping in super late.
+ Water is my favorite beverage, followed closely by Dr Pepper.
+ I think it is completely possible to love two people at one time, but it shouldn’t be acted upon.
+ I carry ibuprofen with me at all times.
+ Big watches make my arms look not-so-tiny, so that’s all I wear.
+ At work, sometimes I want to just shut my door and cry. I hate being an adult sometimes.
+ If my iPod ever craps out, I will cry harder than if my kitten had been run over.
+ I never sign up for in-store credit cards, even if they offer a discount. Credit cards are trouble.
+ I am in desperate need of an iPhone. I hope May hurries for my upgrade.
+ I wish I could BEAT THE CRAP out of someone (anyone) sometimes. I need some anger outlet or something. lol
+ Winter makes me hurt. Like, physically ache. I hate it.
+ People who stare make me nervous and piss me off.
+ I say “dude” a lot when I drink.
+ Word games are my favorite.
+ Skor candy bars are my favorite, but I rarely eat chocolate. Or candy at all.


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