+ It has been a long week for only a four-day week. Not enough sleep and too many annoyances.  And I want summer back.

+ I have to force myself to keep quiet when people come into my office, look around, then ask why I don’t have any chairs. There are 100+ smartass comments I could make, but I stick with “because you people would stay!”

+ When I am eating a candy bar, it usually means two things: it has been a rough day, and you better not fuck with me. Few people learn this lesson very quickly.

+ I have been doing very little to my hair during the week, and it feels healthier than it has for a long time (besides needing trimmed). I might have to cut back on skin products too…just to see what happens.

+ I heard Jesus Christ by Brand New and immediately thought of Jake. He loved that band. I can’t believe it has been almost a year since he has been gone.

+ Chiefs beat the Packers. Just thought I’d remind everyone. :)

+ I can’t believe Christmas is almost here. This year I am so ready and not ready at all. I think I missed some of 2011 because it seems super short.


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