goodbye 2011.

2011 was a good year. It had its up and downs, but it was definitely not the worst. I do think it felt like one of the fastest years of my life. Where did all that time go? Is that why I feel like I haven’t actually been able to breathe? No time for breathing when life is happening and people are more important than counting minutes. 2011 was good, but I am looking forward to toasting to 2012 tonight.

I have changed a lot this year. I have grown and realized that I can’t be the person I want to be by holding myself back. Being assertive was always hard for me, but I can see that part of myself now. And I am proud. I hope I can continue that.

2011 was this:

+ A land purchase. Big leap.
+ Layla and Hailey were born.
+ Being hired permanently.
+ Surgery. Pain. Healing.
+ McDreamy moment. So embarrassing.
+ iPad. That thing is still amazing.
+ 4th of July family reunion. So fun and crazy.
+ Lost 2 friends, Mark and Jake. Sad.
+ Forgave and forgot.
+ Rapping Super Bass in the van by myself.
+ Becoming a Pinterest addict.
+ Date nights.
+ Birthday walks home from the bar.
+ Weller’s Thirsty Thursday nights.
+ Lonnie Q’s BBQ for lunch.
+ Twisted Christmas at The Midland.
+ Quiet afternoons in my office. Only me and my iPod.
+ Achy fingers HATE. hate. HATE.
+ Adele music. Love.
+ Cutting negativity out.
+ Laughing with long lost friends.
+ Gaining weight. 6 whole pounds.
+ KU shoes.
+ Finding a guy worth keeping. FINALLY.
+ DIY projects. Another addiction.
+ Gaining responsibility at work.
+ Christmas love.


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