it’s a new year.

Usually around this time just after the first of the year, people start posting their new year’s goals or word for the year or something along those lines. And for the past few years, I have done the same. Goals for the year. I never finish all of them. I usually forget what they are after about mid-year and give up anyway.

This year, I’m not.

No goals, no pressures, no I-have-to-get-this-done-because-it-is-on-the-list things.

This year is about not being held back.

I am going to go with what feels good and makes me happy at whatever time it is happening. I am learning that going with the flow is sometimes better than a planned to-do list.

And it starts right now.


One Comment to “it’s a new year.”

  1. Sounds like a plan–or not–whatever.

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