easy vs hard

Kal B. never ceases to amaze me. Seriously, this woman is kick ass and talented and can make you want to laugh and cry and paint something all at the same time.

Her Easy vs Hard post last week made me open my eyes to a few things, and of course, I love a good list. It made me reevaluate goals and be grateful and think about where I am going. Who know making a lil ole list could do all that, right?

Here’s mine:

EASY: falling out of my wheelchair
HARD: healing up sprains from bracing that fall

EASY: getting distracted from cleaning my messy office at work
HARD: finding that one piece of paper in a stack of papers that all look the same

EASY: wanting stuff of my wish list
HARD: saving money instead of spending money on my wish list

EASY: seeing a paycheck
HARD: waking up to go to work

EASY: loving/spoiling my nieces and nephews
HARD: watching them be hurt/scared

EASY: giving advice
HARD: accepting advice

EASY: drinking one too many beers
HARD: waking up on 3 hours of sleep after beer night

EASY: writing how I feel
HARD: saying how I feel

EASY: being a grump
HARD: not taking it out on anyone who doesn’t deserve it


One Comment to “easy vs hard”

  1. I have tagged you in my Monday the 13th post. If you go to my blog todayithink.wordpress you will get the info. Don’t know how to put a link in a comment–just can’t get it right for some reason. Anyway, play or not as you please.

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