road trip!

This weekend we planned on making a trip to Mount Vernon to see Angel, but since she was sick (poor girl can’t catch a break!), we didn’t really know what we were going to do. So we packed up an overnight bag and just headed south. We went by HobbyTime Motorsports, but they were closed. Bummer. After that, we had no idea what the day would bring, so we just drove. No plans. No real destination in mind. Just driving.

We stopped along the way taking pictures of cool stuff and went to Bass Pro Shops when we got into Springfield. Cool place. Later, we ended up at Table Rock Lake and got a room for the night. Right on the water. It was really pretty.

The next day, Sunday, was about the same. We went into Branson and did a little shopping. Outlet mall for the win! After I got my new Coach bag and Greg got the nice Fossil watch he’s been wanting, we started toward home. And a 3 hour drive only took us 9. No joke. We made quite a few more stops for pictures and sightseeing on back roads. I’m still exhausted.

And I’m thinking we will be doing this more than once. It’s fun, us just hanging out in the truck finding neat little places along the way. Me and my boy.

Favorite moments:
– Realizing Greg had Instagrammed a picture of me while I was sleeping. I’ll get him back for that one.
– Relaxing on the cabin couch in my comfy KU pjs watching Cars with G. We’re easily amused.
– Laughing during dinner. That chicken was definitely cooked in teriyaki.
– Singing in the truck on the way home.


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