looking forward.

It’s been a whole year since I’ve seen my older brother, Donnie, and next weekend will be the first time I go to see him with the feeling that finally he has seen some sort of light and understands that life can be good.

It’s a long story about why he is where he is and how he managed to land himself there. I won’t go into details for his privacy, but even at his lowest low, he is (and was) still a good person. I think anyone here knows him can tell you how easily he can make you laugh.

I used to just deal with the worry and fear about what he was doing, but lately he’s been better. He’s had to work out his own issues. And he is clean, has a job, and he is paying back restitution and fines and plans on staying west instead of coming home. This place, these people are bad news for him and the habits that he could so easily fall back into. He needs to stay west, and we all agree.

I am almost nervous to see him. A prison, no matter how minimal and lackluster the security is, is still a prison in my mind. An uncomfortable place where criminals live. Not the ideal place to visit family.

Hopefully we can get pictures (I don’t know the rules on that yet) and everyone can get to actually see the progress he is made, the fat he has put on. Even last year he look like a happier, healthier Donnie. We can only hope that it continues.


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