+ Denver trip is soon. I am halfway looking forward to it, halfway dreading it. Doctors are not my favorite. Hard beds that aren’t my own are definitely not my favorite, but I am excited to get measured for a new chair.

+ Stamps. I am sort of addicted to designing my own. So easy and so much of just what I want. Love that process.

+ Project Life continues to keep my attention. I don’t think I have kept up and kept interest in something like this in quite a long time. I am already noticing things I want to make consistent next year.

+ Seriously considering doing portrait shoot as a very small side business. Fun? Or stress? I can’t decide. The Fire Starter Sessions is getting me a little bit pumped, just to see what happens.

+ I’m having a hard time believing that school is ready to start again. It feels too early. I am so off since I don’t have a school schedule of my own anymore.


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