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September 30, 2012


My niece Lindsay is one of the best moms I know. She lives for her 2 kids, and she never takes time for herself. Definitely not as much as she should anyway. She recently got engaged to Todd (Dayton and Layla’s daddy) and today is is birthday. For Father’s Day, you might remember that she asked me to shoot some pictures of the kiddos for his present. He loved the shots, but he also asked why there were none of her.

So this week, she picked out her favorite outfits, did her hair, and put on makeup. And we went out shooting.

They turned out better than expected, and I can’t wait to hear what Todd thinks.

September 28, 2012

today I am…

+ getting excited for John Caparulo at The Midland tonight with my honey. So need a break from this week. John is for sure good for laughs.
+ catching up on reading (thanks to Shannon, I’m delving into the Fifty Shades trilogy) and maybe some blogging.
+ making a list of all the things left to do for the wedding.
+ brainstorming for a project for a friend’s Halloween costume.

September 27, 2012

wedding countdown.

September 26, 2012

happy birthday myles.

Greg’s nephew, Myles, is a cute kid. One of the cutest. He celebrated his 5th birthday this weekend, and we all went to Grant and Shannon’s house for a party. His friends were there, and there were plenty of smiles and laughs to go around.

We tried to get his name cut out in vinyl for his little RZR atv, but it didn’t work out in time and settled on money. Maybe for Christmas we’ll be able to do the vinyl idea.

He did however get a bunch of stuff. Lots of dollars for their trip to Disney next week, which he was so excited about.

It’s so fun for me to watch a kid’s face at their own birthday party. Like there is absolutely nothing better in the world than that day which is totally theirs. I love it.

September 24, 2012

mariah carey.

My favorite MC song.

September 18, 2012

for safekeeping.

Where my heart goes
in the quiet times
between work and wedding
and stress
is straight to yours.

September 17, 2012


Don’t let that picture fool you. It’s been a rather stressful week around here.

First, we signed out contract with the photographer for the wedding. That was actually a load off, I guess. He is awesome, both as a photographer and a person. I am excited that he is a part of our big day!

Then, Sons of Anarchy started their new season on Tuesday, and I drove to Kansas City to watch it with Greg and Brandy and Mike. Then Thursday Greg texted me early that Grant and him were going to the hospital because Mike had been taken to the ER. I wasn’t sure on details and neither was Greg for a a while. It turns out that Mike has an infection somewhere that they can’t find yet, but it caused his autonomic dysreflexia to flare up and his blood pressure to spike which then caused a bleed in his brain. Scary, scary shit.

Something similar happened to Jake and he died just a few hours later. I was scared and didn’t really know how to react to think that the same thing could happen to Mike. Paralysis is a funny and weird condition, and it comes out of nowhere.

GOOD NEWS: It appears that Mike probably doesn’t have any permanent damage to his brain. He is talking good now and his blood pressure is down, although they are still trying to locate and diagnose the infection. I am hoping by tomorrow they have more news. Better news.

So just give me a little favor and pray that nothing else happens for Mike. He doesn’t need it right now!

September 16, 2012

project life: week 37

Still fun. Still easy.

I still really love this project even though I have sort of wrapped myself up in SMASHbooks lately. It’s just a different kind of thing for me. More organized (which I love) and simpler for me too.

September 13, 2012


I cannot be the only one who loves SMASH books. I made myself make one last year for my 26th year, and honestly, I lost interest pretty quick. I got bored. It was too much work gluing pages of that composition book together to make them strong enough to really hold anything. It felt like it took forever to actually get anything worth showing onto the page.

But a real SMASH book? Fantastic. Greg’s sister, Genny, bought me a wedding edition for my birthday (just 4 wks ago), and I have since gotten 3 more (not including the small one).

They are fun and don’t have to be perfect or super organized. I can add whatever I like, cover up the paper that isn’t really suitable for whatever I’m doing, make it as pretty (or ugly I guess) as I want. They are quick. I mean, we just got home from Colorado just a little over a week ago, and my Colorado 2012 SMASH book is pretty much done, minus some journaling. It would take me months to document otherwise.

Maybe I’ll lose interest, but for now I’m loving SMASHing.

September 11, 2012


September 10, 2012

home sweet (almost) home.

It’s taken us a few extra months and a little extra motivation, but finally we have gotten out to the land where we will build our home to clean. And when I say clean, I mean clear brush, put trash in the huge rented dumpster, and generally just make it look like it could, at some time, be livable. Excited!!

Thanks to all who came out to help us!!

September 8, 2012

weekend plans.

+ Clean up the land.
+ Instagram the whole thing.
+ Take lots of pictures to show you all the progress being made.
+ Relax.

September 7, 2012

colorado in squares.

September 6, 2012

colorado: craig hospital.

Every year I take a trip to Craig Hospital. My reevaluation for my spinal cord injury is a normal routine for my summer. It’s not my favorite thing to do, but it keeps me healthy and on the right track. Now that I’m 10 years out, it’s more important to take care of myself to keep any small issues from becoming bigger ones. The last thing I need is a problem with my health.

So the final report is: I am healthy. They are impressed that I have managed to keep such good posture with almost 10 years under my belt. They are happy that I am happy, and they are all so excited for me to be getting married. Greg was a big hit.

I learned about the new plans for expanding the hospital, and I met a few of the new patients. I saw old friends who work there, and missed a few too.

I am always a little unsure of how I will feel when I go back to Craig, but this year I was so busy with everything else that I didn’t have much time to sulk in knowing how it feels to be a new patient. I always seem to go back to the little girl that was hurt. I don’t know why that is. But thankfully this year was different, and I didn’t worry about anything like that.

I will be back in a few months to pick up the new wheelchair that I ordered, and to reevaluate manual chairs and hopefully put an order in for a new one. I am excited about that.

Here’s to another year of good evals.

September 5, 2012

colorado: pikes peak.

Pikes Peak was another small adventure. Not really small. It was actually big and wide and oxygen-deprived, but another amazingly beautiful view. How did I manage to get to soak in all this goodness of nature in just one week?!

It took us nearly an hour and a half for reach the summit of Pikes Peak, and the drive up was smooth for me. I don’t know if I can say the same for Greg, who was white-knuckling the steering wheel making sure we wouldn’t go over a cliff. I was busy taking pictures and saying “Oh my God!” over and over.

When we reached the top, it seemed unreal. We were on the same level as the clouds, like we could touch them right in front of us. It was like we were in a different world, looking at another planet. The air was cool, dropping 20 degrees on the drive up, and the wind chilled me more.

I loved it.

The drive down was a bit scarier for me. I could see the cliffs this time. And the road snaking through them. We seemed so close to the edge, too close, and I barely looked anywhere but ahead. I like to think I’m tough, but it was nerve wracking.

But I’d do it again.

September 4, 2012

september goals.

My August goals turned out to be pretty manageable, even though I found a photographer instead of a caterer for the wedding and given the Colorado visit. In all honesty, the pictures are more important to me anyway. People might remember a good meal but not as long as the picture will remind me how beautiful the day was. I checked all but one off the list: the Script School print. I intended on practicing enough to feel confident that I could make something frameworthy, but it didn’t quite work out that way.

For September, I am going to keep it simple.

+ have a photo shoot with Phil and Gabby.
+ trailer OFF THE LAND.
+ engagement pictures planning/executing.

September 4, 2012

colorado: royal gorge.

The Royal Gorge was amazing. No joke. AWE-ma-ZING. If you ever get the chance to go, GO. You will not regret that decision. And you’ll probably have fabulous pictures to prove it.

The bridge is long and not particularly wide, but cars still drive over it anyway. They shake and sway the bridge, and the cables are moving with them. I would be lying if I said it didn’t scare me a little bit. It was exciting though too. Odd, I know.

But the view.

The view is worth it x10. Xa million actually. One of those breathtakingly gorgeous views that doesn’t seem to be real. Can’t be real. But it is.

September 3, 2012

back from vaca..

Oh Colorado. Once again, you are beautiful. You fill me with calm, all while making me appreciate the comfort of my Kansas. We will see you again in a few months.

More posts throughout the week of the small adventures we had while there and pictures to accompany them. It feels odd to be posting again after what seemed like a long vacation-hiatus.

But I’m back and at it. Be ready. :)