colorado: craig hospital.

Every year I take a trip to Craig Hospital. My reevaluation for my spinal cord injury is a normal routine for my summer. It’s not my favorite thing to do, but it keeps me healthy and on the right track. Now that I’m 10 years out, it’s more important to take care of myself to keep any small issues from becoming bigger ones. The last thing I need is a problem with my health.

So the final report is: I am healthy. They are impressed that I have managed to keep such good posture with almost 10 years under my belt. They are happy that I am happy, and they are all so excited for me to be getting married. Greg was a big hit.

I learned about the new plans for expanding the hospital, and I met a few of the new patients. I saw old friends who work there, and missed a few too.

I am always a little unsure of how I will feel when I go back to Craig, but this year I was so busy with everything else that I didn’t have much time to sulk in knowing how it feels to be a new patient. I always seem to go back to the little girl that was hurt. I don’t know why that is. But thankfully this year was different, and I didn’t worry about anything like that.

I will be back in a few months to pick up the new wheelchair that I ordered, and to reevaluate manual chairs and hopefully put an order in for a new one. I am excited about that.

Here’s to another year of good evals.


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