I try not to post too many personal things on here anymore. Looking back, I posted a lot of emotional things when I was angry or sad or frustrated.

Lately I’ve tried to make myself stick to a rule that I won’t be such an emotional blogger. I sometimes look back and cringe at what I put out there. At the time, this blog was purely personal, and I was at a very sensitive time so it all fits into who I am at this moment. Not that it’s a bad thing to be an emotional blogger, but there are some things that are better worked out in my Moleskine, not for everyone to see.

Anyway the point is, I try to keep my emotions (the bad ones) under wraps on this blog now, with this one exception: the death of someone who is been important to me. And last week two men I knew died.

First, Terri’s dad. I had only been around him a few times, but he was such a good guy. He was funny and Tim’s kids loved him. His funeral was light and heavy at the same time, with laughs of good memories and the stillness while two Marines gave a flag to Esther. I couldn’t keep the tears in during such a thing.

Next, Dr. Arjunan. My first neurosurgeon. This is the man who saved me, basically. He fixed my neck 3 days after I shattered it, and he checked on me every single day until I left for Craig Hospital 18 days later. He was genuinely excited when my arm used came back so quickly. He laughed when I accidentally hit him in the face (my arms were a little out of control parentheses). He was a good man, and I hope he knows how appreciative I am to him for helping get me and my family through such a confusing and scary time for those first few weeks of my paralysis.

I am hoping to steel off whatever “they come in 3s” superstitions I have. 2 is enough.


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