fifty shades done.

These books were…interesting. Slightly inappropriate (if you read one sex scene in them, you’ve read them all). I wasn’t blown away like some women have said they were. The storyline was good, even exciting at times, but it wasn’t an overly scholarly book. I don’t guess that scholarly is what the author was going for though. *smirk*

I am glad I read them. Otherwise, it would nag me that I missed out on a set of books that was so hyped up. Now that I am done, I am looking forward to moving on to a book that better suits my taste. I probably should lay off the reading altogether and get these wedding plans swinging into full gear (slight panic mode).

Fifty Shades. Would I recommend? Yes, for the sole fact that you can see firsthand that it’s not some kind of bookporn that it is portrayed to be.


2 Comments to “fifty shades done.”

  1. I am definitely interested in what the movies are going to be like! And who will be Christian! haha they were entertaining

    • I’m waiting to see who will play Christian too! There are a lot if rumors, but who knows. I’m hoping it’s not any of my favorite actors because Christian was a jerk :)

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