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November 27, 2012

getting closer.

They told me it will go by quick, and it has. They weren’t lying.

And honestly I am scared. Not about marrying Greg. That is absolutely easiest part, the part I’ve been ready for, for a long time. Marrying him will be the breeze.

It’s the wedding in general that worries me. Will everything be done on time? What am I forgetting? Is everyone going to have a good time? Will it all be as beautiful as it is in my head? It’s worrisome!

Sometimes I think we should have just saved ourselves the money and the stress and just gone off and eloped. Or gone to the courthouse and done it. We could be married right now had we gone either of those routes. But we didn’t and a wedding we are having. I’m going to do my best to make it as fabulous as I can for everyone, but mostly for me and Greg.

Only my five months ago!

November 26, 2012

a g&c minibook.

I have been trying to get ready for this craft show next weekend, and I’ve been envisioning what the table is going to look like and how things will be set up. It’s my first go around at something like this so it is completely a learning process.

I’ll have some of my minibook kits for sale (here the I Dream of You Daily kits are on my Etsy), and I decided to make an “example” book for potential customers. Now, online, it is easy for blog readers to search out minibooks, since anyone searching them probably already has a good idea of what to do with one. People browsing a craft show are probably not the expected target audience per say. I thought that if they saw a mini and understood just what you can do with it, how anyone can take a simple kit and make it their own completely, would help in the process.

Here are a few snaps of mine. I may add some more journaling and simple embellishments, but I want to keep it easy for people to look at get other ideas also. Some of my pictures are sideways (I love a mixture for some reason) and some of my pages are very plain. It all works together.

November 22, 2012

happy day.

Thankful lists seem to be the same every year and very similar across so many people’s blogs too. And really, we should show we are thankful more than one day a year, but of course, some people always need a reminder. This year I can add to my list because I gained a lot over the past 12 months. A whole nother family in fact.

So here’s to spending the day with some of my favorite people. I am hoping for laughs and stories and full bellies by the end of the day.

+ My friends-even when I don’t see them, they are there.
+ My family. We may not always get along, but when it’s needed, we are there. And Greg’s family because they’re so accepting.
+ Another year to be thankful. It hasn’t been the easiest few weeks, but we are getting through making the best of the days that we have.
+ Greg. Duh.
+ My job-even when it is overwhelming and I hate it.

November 21, 2012


Remember last year when I started seriously pursuing publication of a few of my poems? And it was going to happen? Well, the time is here, people.

My poem is in print, in a (very small) publication, out into the world and hopefully in someone’s hands. I never used to like the idea of others reading anything I had written, but now the thought is almost thrilling. It was a long anxious wait, but well worth it. It gives me a boost again to pull out the ole Moleskine and get some words and thoughts onto paper (which has been coming slightly easier lately anyway).

Copies can be found here. Christine Walen is the editor and publisher of Atlantic Pacific Press so it’s a small, and very “homemade” type of publication. Think paper and staples. Good for a first publication, I think, because it just makes me want to keep going with it and send in more to different places.

November 20, 2012


Besides having a good anniversary, life has been hectic, tiring, messy, overworked. But looking up.I managed to get some of our Christmas cards ready. I am pretty excited at how simply simple they are, but how fantastic and clean they turned out. A little bit of wash goes a long way.I printed and folded thank you cards for Genny and Jim and Jesse. Again, simplicity is beautiful.I have been wearing almost no makeup to work lately, and it feels so liberating. Moisturizer and mascara (sometimes) and off I go. I am learning to let go of what others think of me, which isn’t exactly an easy thing to do when it’s engrained in me. The People Pleaser thing gets in the way of the weirdest things sometimes.

November 19, 2012

year one.

We have had so many good things happen for us since last year (and a few horribly bad ones), and I wouldn’t trade him for the world and all the stars in the sky. He supports me and sincerely cares about the happiness that stands between us. He is encouraging and sympathetic and seems to know how I feel before I have to say anything.
We are good for each other, and we’ve managed to make the best of ourselves available for the other. I love that. In just 5 months, we’ll be married, and we can start life as a family, one with the same last name.
I can’t wait to spend many more years celebrating with him and creating new memories along the way.

November 15, 2012

life in squares.

1.  Our RSVPs for the wedding. Bright and simple, but still elegant too. I love the way they turned out.

2.  Self portrait at work after a big lunch and exhausting morning.

3.  Riding on the old lake bed. Fun and bumpy.

4.  Lists have been dominating my life lately, it seems. And none of them are really getting checked off as they should be. I guess I’m in a little bit of a rut.


November 13, 2012

project life: week 45

This week was a long one, an emotional one, and one that was totally redeemed with the weekend.

I am looking forward to next year’s Project Life already. 2013 has been a great year, until the past month or so, when things have started to be a bit stressful and hectic.

Looking forward to 2013. Maybe we can start again.

November 12, 2012

weekend recap.

+ Riding with a helmet feels good and safe, making the whole thing more fun.
+ Many laughs and many gasps. So fun to watch these guys get into this.
+ A full day (think about 10 hours) is completely exhausting and takes about three days to recover from.
+ I am getting better at judging hills and lines we should take. I know which way Greg will probably go before we get there.
+ I feel like a little bit of a tough ass every time we ride.
+ Being dirty and dusty feels good sometimes, but the wind blowing dust straight in the face sucks.
+ Kelly took first place in his buggy. Congrats K!
+ First time doing the sushi thing – not as bad as I thought it would be!
After such an emotional and stressful week, I think we all needed a bit of a stress reliever and a recharge this weekend, and riding all day definitely did that. It’s good to get some adrenaline going sometimes to let you vent in a different way.

November 11, 2012

silent sunday.

November 9, 2012

Oh Gabby.

This is a beautiful little girl, and she was so much fun to take photos of, especially when she warmed up to me and to the idea of getting her photo taken. That shyness didn’t last long.

I work with her dad, and he absolutely adores her. But who wouldn’t?

We had such fun, and it didn’t take long to get gorgeous photos of her.

November 6, 2012


I’ve never done a craft show before. Not that the thought hasn’t crossed my mind many time, but I never really got enough umph to actually do it. But Sandra and I have decided to go ahead and participate in Berryton’s craft show. Since that is where we’ll be residing soon and our kids will eventually go to school, I like the idea of getting to know the community and the people. December 8!

I’ll be selling my cards, stamps, and small mini books. I have been printing, folding, assembling and visualizing how I want things to look. It’s getting closer, and I am almost positive I’ll be ready far ahead of time. Exciting.

Sandra will be selling her crochet goods. Super cute hats, baby booties, and baby cocoon outfits. Check them out on her Etsy shop, Five Kids and a Cow. So cute.

Looking forward to the fun.

November 5, 2012

halloween filler.

So I know Halloween was almost a week ago, and everyone is probably Halloweened out, but I am posting late as a “filler” for the day.

Jesse’s service will be this evening, and this is all the effort I can muster for the day. Everything else will be saved for being strong for Greg and his family.

Enjoy the pics of the little kiddies…in all their Halloween glory.

November 4, 2012

happy first birthday, layla.

At this time last year, we were ooh-ing and ash-ing over new baby Layla. This year, we are chasing her around and keeping stuff out of her mouth.

She is sweet and ornery, and yesterday was her birthday. She laughed and played and cuddled her new baby dolls while the other kids waited for her to move on to the next present.

November 2, 2012


Horrible week.

Greg’s nephew, Jesse, was killed in a car accident, and it has left a huge hole in the heart of their family. I look around, and even though I have only been in this family for a short time, I love them, and it makes me so heavy-hearted and sad that they are going through this. Seeing the pain in Greg’s eyes makes me tear up as I type this. Watching someone I love hurt in such a way while knowing that there is absolutely nothing I can do to make it better for him is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Seriously. All the things I thought were so bad don’t seem so bad anymore. His pain is my pain.

Jesse was kind and funny and never showed disrespect to anyone. He was one of those people who is genuinely nice to everyone, and I just can’t wrap my head around why such good people are taken so young. It isn’t fair. He wouldn’t want us to be sad. I read a quote today that reminded me of him. “What we do in life echoes in eternity.” THAT is Jesse. People are not going to have anything negative to remember about him because he was just good. Genuine and good. THAT is what people are going to remember about him.

RIP Jesse. So much love is being sent up to you. We will look for you in the sunshine.

November 2, 2012


I have shot mainly “couple” shoots lately, and thought it is always fun to shoot portraits, my camera has been lonely otherwise.

Besides being busy, I was a little out of inspiration in the visual field, dried up like the leaves, dusty and ready for a new season. Everything seemed so blah and not really worthy of the space it would take up on my disk.

Then, I came across Shutter Sisters again, a blog of women who circulate posts with beautiful photography and soft, often encouraging, words. There are so many different subjects, different perspectives, and different places in each of their lives. It was like a breath of fresh air, like looking at the pictures that have collected on their blog over the past year gave me the reminder that I need to look at things more patiently. I’m in too much of a hurry, with too many things going on. I need to slow down. I need take the time to appreciate the things around me, see their worth instead of passing over them so quickly, trying to check whatever the next thing is on the list.

With a new fresh outlook on photography, SS also lit up a little inspiration for writing. I’ve written more in my journal over the past week than I have in the past few months, and that is always a good feeling.

I feel recharged, and with the holidays coming, I might need it.