getting closer.

They told me it will go by quick, and it has. They weren’t lying.

And honestly I am scared. Not about marrying Greg. That is absolutely easiest part, the part I’ve been ready for, for a long time. Marrying him will be the breeze.

It’s the wedding in general that worries me. Will everything be done on time? What am I forgetting? Is everyone going to have a good time? Will it all be as beautiful as it is in my head? It’s worrisome!

Sometimes I think we should have just saved ourselves the money and the stress and just gone off and eloped. Or gone to the courthouse and done it. We could be married right now had we gone either of those routes. But we didn’t and a wedding we are having. I’m going to do my best to make it as fabulous as I can for everyone, but mostly for me and Greg.

Only my five months ago!


4 Comments to “getting closer.”

  1. Your wedding will be wonderful :) Like I said a couple of months ago, if you aren’t stressing at this point, then you are going to be REALLY stressed the closer it gets, but, if you are prepared you will be fine. You will be surrounded by people that love you and like all brides say, when it is all said and done it is over in a flash and is all a BLUR! To spite all the bumps in the road and the stress I went through wanting everything to be just right, I wouldn’t change it for anything looking back! It was perfect to me and for us and I am still smiling about it and it’s been almost 20 days :)

  2. Thanks so much Jen! I really appreciate the encouragement and love that someone understands!! Glad you are enjoying the marriage bliss!

  3. Carrie, I came across your site while checking a term for a medical translation, of all things, and really like it. Good luck with your wedding, and say hi to the two lovebirds you photographed lying on autumn leaves, that is one of the most beautiful photographs I have ever seen. And the dry lake bed! What is this, where is it? To us foreigners, the US seems like some sort of heaven where everybody is happy…

    • Thank you! The lovebirds are two of my good friends, and I know they will appreciate the good thoughts too. Kansas is okay. We seem to get bored sometimes, but I wouldn’t go anywhere else. :)

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