Craft show.

My first craft show purely a learning experience. There are so many things I will do differently next time. So mant things that would make it better.

Display. I didnt have anything that was spectacular as a display this time around. I wasn’t really sure how the tables were set up or where we would be placed or how the flow was going to go, so I wasn’t really sure how to
put things in my mind so that it made sense. I ended up placing cards around as display cards while the real cards were flat in their plastics sleeves. Not the best to see them.

Ask questions of the organizers. Like I said, I wasn’t clear on how this whole thing was going to work, and that’s my fault for allowing myself to be in the dark. Next time they are going to be sick of emails, I’m sure.

Prepare everything before the week of the show. I’ve been busy. That’s obvious, but I wish I had given myself more time to prepare. I had cards and stamps ready, but the quote prints (be looking for them in my Etsy soon) I wanted had not arrived. I was slightly bummed because they are really cute! It was my own fault though. I thought I had given myself plenty of time when I had them printed, but I was wrong. They didn’t arrive until Monday, two days after I needed them to be there.

It was a fun day, despite selling very little. My sister-in-law and brother kept me laughing, and the day went by surprisingly quick. And Kendall. She just cracks me up. For a five-year-old, she is so witty.

Looking forward to the next one.

Today: My mom and I are at Craig picking up my new chair. I’m wanting to go home already. This place isn’t for me this week.


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