starting over.

I have a friend. A smart, funny, energetic, and generous soul who is an amazing mom to her kids, friend to the undeserving, and grateful for even the rough things she has encountered in life.

She continues to have faith, a deep-seeded sweet faith, that even the worst of people are going to come around in the end and realize that the world doesn’t have to be so bitterly angry. She gives the most disrespectful people the benefit of the doubt, and she refuses to let someone else’s negativity be the reason for any change in herself.

But she has given up on love.

After two serious failed relationships, she has become closed off and content with being alone, with being both the mother and father to her kids. More than anything I think she is afraid of what a third broken heart would feel like and what it would do to the person she is. I think she is afraid it will suck some of her strong and stubborn sweetness and replace it with bitterness.

Somewhere, someone is looking for someone like her and waiting to prove her wrong. I can only hope that person finds her whole, and that he proves to her that love is more than just waiting for the wrong thing to happen, the wrong turn to come.

People who deserve love aren’t always the ones who make it easy to let it into their hearts.

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