2013 goals.


Considering that this year is going to be busy (I’m tired already) and stressful (My hair might turn gray), I am making goals that are easier to achieve than goals of years past. In fact, that’s half the reason I made no goals last year. It felt great, but I also missed knowing that I had a list in front of me of things that I wanted to accomplish. 2013 is just going to be simple on goals – not outrageously long or hard, but achievable and markable. I’ll keep track of them here (of course).

And they are:

+ more pictures with Greg (at least one a month! We are so hit & miss at remembering to get us together)
+ steady savings on money (no extra spending on ANYTHING unessential)
+ journal 3x per week
+ get 3 paid photo sessions
+ read 10 (or more) books
+ phase out of Facebook
+ send snail mail at least once per week (does not include bills)
+ 3 DIY projects from Pinterest
+ instagram once per day (minimum)
+ have a house built (duh)
+ go bowling
+ visit 2 different states
+ learn to crochet something with a pattern

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4 Comments to “2013 goals.”

  1. nice goals! are you on google+?

  2. these are great goals! i’m with you on facebook; and, of course, the get married part :) i have a few favorite crochet patterns if you want any help with that one, too!

  3. Pretty awesome kid!

    Facebook is best left cold turkey. And when you’re really ready, I’ll send you the link that actually DELETES it.

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