one little word: 2013.

I picked one word I wanted to focus on this year. A word I want to use over and over and be present in my everyday life. I wanted a word that I don’t just say, but a word that I can live.

My word for 2013 is: wish. It’s a magical little word that packs a lot of hope and optimism into it four little letters. I want my 2013 to be full of wishes. Small and big. Simple and complex. Slow and fast. Easy and hard. I want to wish for something every single day – even if it never comes true – It means that I am motivated to move forward and work for it.

Wish. Starting now.


2 Comments to “one little word: 2013.”

  1. i love this word! it’s such a hopeful, happy word… what a great theme for the year. i’m glad you’re doing this, too!

    • It’s one of my very favorite words. I’m glad I chose to focus on it….makes me happy every time I say it.

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