this week.

IMG_3334It’s audit week, which means I’ll be quiet. And stressed and working weird hours. Our audit isn’t really the normal audit that everyone thinks of. It has nothing to do with money or accounting. Our audit at work deals with ISO. Job procedures and records and keeping track of the right information that customers might ask for later.

My part of the job deals with keeping it all up to date and organized and available when requested. Documents need to be reviewed every year, signed, and put into books for production guys to find. Training records need to be checked for completion. Internal audits will be looked at. Plus more. It’s a long process to go through, and though we work hard throughout the year to keep it in order, it’s always a scramble to the finish line before the audit.

This year, I am both stressed and strangely calm at the same time. We have gotten a lot done and caught up, but Mandy has been sick, and she’s my right hand when it comes to audits. Our manager, Dave, has been out on vacation and now sick since before Christmas. I hope it all falls into place. If not, we’ll be fine and fix whatever problems the auditor finds (it’s a new guy this year, sigh).

I’ll gladly welcome a good slow day at work and good night’s sleep at the end of this week.

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