wedding wednesday: our invites.

I was set from the very beginning that I would design my own invites, all the way through. There was no doubt in my mind that I could do it, and make them pretty.

I have finally finished them up, and they are (almost) ready to send out the door.

I designed the invites in Illustrator and printed them on Paper Source 5×7 gravel flat cards. The RSVPs were designed to fit in 4-bar envelopes, and they were also designed in Illustrator and printed on sunshine 5×7 flat cards. The envelope liners are cut from Echo Park gray and white chevron paper. They’re simple and happy, and I love the way they turned out. Better than I expected.

I added paper doilies inside so that it ties in with all the lace that is now incorporated throughout our entire wedding. I didn’t want two whole separate avenues with these, and I wanted the lace to make sense. To me, it does.



A DIY wedding wasn’t really in my agenda, but I am so glad that I have been in charge of every step of the wedding now. It means so much to me that people like it, and I hope that they see how “us” every aspect is.

Only 3 months to go.


4 Comments to “wedding wednesday: our invites.”

  1. pretty invites.

  2. i know exactly what you mean about it meaning so much that people see how “us” things are… i felt/feel that way, soooo much. perhaps even more because my sister got married this year, too. i didn’t DIY as many things as i might have, but we picked out many things because they felt like “us”, and having people agree was pretty huge. i find it really fascinating, too, to see how different brides approach the process…. like, how different things seem worth spending the extra time/effort on to different people. (here’s the best example, that feels like it illustrates how different my sister and i are: the first things i really worried about/spent a loooooooooong time pondering/browsing/perfecting were our invitations and my shoes. my sister was super focused on how she’d wear her hair, and finding a venue with a big, awesome dance floor, and the best dj she knew of (the dance floor was the least of my worries; since we’re getting married at a brewery it’s a LOT smaller than normal)…. and she didn’t pick her invitations out until it was almost too late to send them out.) i’m rambling (because i have no idea what to say in my own wedding wednesday post for today, being so close) but anyway: i love these!! top to bottom :)

    • So funny….the things that my sister would probably like me to spend more time on are the things that I couldn’t care less about. Also, I’m not sure if the DIY part of our wedding is such a good thing. Haha, it might be a control issue. :)

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