on being engaged.

I love being engaged.

I love people looking at us and thinking “Ah, they are so in love.” (I’m looking at you, Jim.) Because we are. I love people knowing that.

I am going to be a little sad when all the planning becomes real, and it is over. Not sad in a depressed way, just sad like we are closing that part of our relationship. I am so excited to open the MARRIED part though. To start a different kind of planning (the house and babies). To start life together.

Being engaged makes me feel a little like Cinderella. Everyone ask questions and wants to know the details. It seems like a wedding piques interest on a whole different level. It’s fun to gush over some things (invitations that I have still found myself smitten with) and hard to keep others hidden (the dress. I want to show you so bad, but I want even more for it to be a surprise). I am getting into high gear with things and am determined to have every single thing ready on 4-27-13. It’s work, but it’s so fun. I need a few extra hours in my day, but thankfully I have a flexible job that allows for some planning on breaks.

Being engaged is my favorite, but I can’t wait till I’m a wife.


6 Comments to “on being engaged.”

  1. Wonderful, it is always such a blessing to see when two people are so in love. Many blessings to you two always.

  2. I agree! Being engaged really does make you feel like an absolute princess. Planning is a little hard, but you know it’s worth it because your wedding will be truly beautiful. And living the married life is going to be amazing. I really am excited to experience all of it, and I’m happy to take my time and do it day by day, step by step. Congrats to you, and I wish you the best, love :)

  3. you know? i really didn’t enjoy the process all that much, maybe because it was squished in after my sister’s wedding planning process? or because i was so afraid to tell people the details that i was so excited about but that may not have gone over too well with our traditional families? or because i didn’t want to reveal too much before the wedding? but what you’re describing here is totally how i felt on our wedding day. the knowing that people know and can SEE how much we love each other, and how happy we are together. it’s an awesome feeling :)

    • I’m so happy for you, and yes, the few pictures I have seen are booming with love in your and Dan’s eyes. I won’t lie – I’m stressed at this moment, but I think I might thrive under that kind of stress. Or so I am hoping!! I’ll be sighing when it’s over though, that’s for sure.

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