wedding wednesday: lace guestbook

I think my wedding could be categorized as a Mashup-Of-Pinterest-And-Crazy-Carrie-Ideas. It started out yellow and gray, and when I picked my dress, lace changed the whole thing again. I found this idea originally on Pinterest, and I decided to use the lace I already had picked for our table runners and centerpieces to finish it up.

I love it. No, really, I love it. It turned out a million times better than I dreamed it would. In fact, I thought I would be buying another book and trying something else because I would mess this one up. But no, this book will be around for many years. On our bookshelf in our new home one day.

I started by painting the front cover and back cover in an ivory paint (they were originally black) and then wrapped them in a piece of the lace that will be laid on our tables. I knew that if it looked messy, it would be okay. I wanted it to look somewhat imperfect right from the beginning.

Then I started wrapping lace and hot-gluing. It didn’t take long. Maybe a half hour. <3 The lace flower was the finishing touch, until I found those little pearls on clearance at Hobby Lobby. I couldn’t pass them up. And as I expected, it was perfect.




3 Comments to “wedding wednesday: lace guestbook”

  1. I love the lace. It looks elegant.

  2. looks so pretty! i love that it’s something that’s easy to keep around, and that it will coordinate with the lace in other spots. we ditched our guestbook plan like … 5 days before the wedding (we were going to do instax photos, and have people tape them into a book to write comments, but dan felt like that would be difficult for people to understand/accomplish… which i’m not sure about, but it’s okay). we ended up going with a pinterest idea of a guestbook time capsule: basically a jar with a label, a sign saying that we’d open the jar in a year, and a basket full of different papers (many of which were from my project life stash!) for people to write on. the jar looks a lot more empty than i thought, but it worked well on such a short time frame.

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