project life 2013.

I went back and forth on whether I wanted to keep a Project Life this year. Considering I knew that it would be a crazy, busy, and most likely emotional year, I wasn’t sure if I had the time or motivation to keep up with it again.

But of course, I decided to do it. I don’t want to look back and regret not documenting the year of our marriage and moving and who knows what else. I don’t want to not have those pictures and stories available for our children one day.

I am doing it differently though. Last year, I did the standard one week per spread. It was not particularly hard to find pictures to slip into the pockets, but it was daunting sometimes to make sure that each week was not just a rush of photos and no journaling. I tried not to get behind, and each Sunday, I would print and embellish. And it was all in a hurry.

This year, I am doing 2 weeks per spread. One week on each side of the page protector. More important events will get their own insert, so I am expecting more of those. But that’s okay because inserts happen to be a favorite of mine. I don’t have to choose only 1 or 2 photos to put into the weekly spread, but 6 to 8 so that the event can be documented in its entirety.













It’s working well so far. Less pressure and more time to journal. And I am loving the wood veneer letters still too. They have so much character to them.

Hopefully I can keep up with posting updates here too.


3 Comments to “project life 2013.”

  1. I love these. You will have memories forever. So cool.

  2. awesome! i’m glad you decided to stick with it – what i kept telling myself when it was getting hard to keep up at the end of 2012 as wedding planning ramped up (and as four weeks of 2013 passed without any documentation..) was that in 2, 5, 10 years, i’ll be SO glad i stuck with it. this year has calmed down a bit for now (that the wedding is over) but we’re planning to go house hunting in a few months once we can save some more money, so this year will definitely get crazy again. i like the idea of doing two weeks per spread with lots of inserts, though… maybe i’ll keep that in the back of my mind in case one week per spread starts to feel like too much. i love how simple this is, with the photos really taking center stage! :)

  3. looks great!

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