wedding wednesday.

Only two months to go. Two months until I, the girl who was always so good on her own, becomes a wife. So exciting.

While trying to wrap my head around all that, I have been trying to tackle the small wedding projects one at a time, finishing one before starting the next. Otherwise, I would have too many going on at once, and maybe lose my sanity all together. Checking things off the list is such a good feeling, having them complete and ready to go. On my snow days from work last week, I managed to get a lot checked off of the wedding to-do list. First, and easiest, was the card basket.

I have been thinking of this card basket since almost right after we got engaged. I love locker baskets, and I knew that I wanted to use one for our cards. I didn’t want it to be elaborate or too much. Just simple.IMG_5449I used the same sunshine cardstock from Paper Source that I used for our RSVPs, and yellow baker’s twine that I picked up last week at the cupcake shop. Originally, I was going to back each yellow letter with some of the Echo Park grey chevron paper that I used for our envelope liners, but the basket wasn’t wide enough to do that. And in the end, I am happy with the plain yellow.
IMG_5453With this project finished, I can move on to the next. I’ll be posting our program cards soon. And more snow pictures, probably, because we all know its been the biggest news lately.


2 Comments to “wedding wednesday.”

  1. it looks so cute! this was one of those things that i didn’t even think about until way late in the game, and then was sort of scrambling to finish. i think you’re really smart to approach the projects one at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed though, not to mention doing them early so they’re checked off the list and ready to go :)

    • Thank you! I want to get it all done, but making myself wait and do one at a time is working well. It’s so close now, and it will be here before we know it. Craziness!

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