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March 30, 2013


This little girl. She is a riot. She is stubborn and ridiculously funny, and she is definitely not afraid to tell you exactly what she thinks or how something should be done. She is strong.

And she was not exactly keen on having her picture taken. But hey, Aunt Carrie is strong and stubborn too.



March 29, 2013

blog post planner. free download.

IMG_5578I have tried a lot of different post planners in my years as a blogger. Some work well for me, some don’t. I think it all depends on lifestle really, and whether someone is more paper-oriented (me) or technology-oriented (semi-me). I try to make myself put more use into apps on my phone so that I can have everything available at all times, but it never lasts long. I am always making to-do lists and blog ideas on scraps of paper or Post-It notes.

IMG_5577I designed this one so that it will fit nicely in my large Moleskine planner without hanging out over the edges, plus I wanted a size that I could pop into my printer without cutting (one of my least favorite parts of paper projects). I bought 5×8 large index cards at my local office supply store, and adjusted my page setup in Adobe, and printed a stack in less than 5 minutes. And to save paper, I flipped them over and printed again. 2 blog posts on one piece of paper.

I always carry a few blank ones with me in my planner as well as ones that I am already working on. I take down points and links I want to include and any specific pictures that I know I will want. Easy peasy.

If you’d like to download a copy for yourself, the link is below for a PDF version.

Download 5×8 blog planner

March 28, 2013


My eyes float along
the gray in the distance,
where trees meet sky,
searching for some small spot of light
among such dense clouds.

Paintbrushed wisps of wind
make the prettiest pictures
but it is the sunshine underneath
buried by soft suede
that I want playing on my skin.

March 27, 2013

project life update

I have been bad at documenting my Project Life this year so, haven’t I? If it wasn’t so super busy, I might be a little more caught up on here, but at the time, I am doing my best.

I still love this project, even though it can be a bit daunting to stay caught up. The two weeks per spread is still working well for that, and I have been able to incorporate versatile inserts still. Love that part.IMG_5602

My PL is mostly photo-heavy, as you can see, but I do like to add simple embellishments too. I am loving the Amy Tangerine thickers, mainly because I can make them any color I want with a little bit of nail polish. Crafty stuff, that nail polish is.IMG_5603

I did add more journaling for a few weeks though too. I love printing my journaling, rather than handwriting it. I can fit so much more.IMG_5604

I used a coin sleeve for the insert below. I cut down to a 3-row page and just stuck random things in that fit the week.IMG_5605



I managed to survive this crazybus week with nothing more than a few hours less sleep. I got my new manual chair and plan a mini-shopping excursion in KC before we headed out for Oklahoma. That Friday was a good day (besides Sean knocking himself out. That part I could have done without).IMG_5608

Insert from our weekend at Big Meats Run 2013. Love.IMG_5609

And the back of the insert.IMG_5610

This past week was supposed to be about relaxing, but it turned out to be busy too. And that’s okay. The next month of my life will probably have no no NO relaxing. At some point, I might get used to it.IMG_5611



March 24, 2013

bridal shower.

mosaicd22383c9c5c9fb605e04ad46a89e8781d462f7cdWell, my bridal shower didn’t go exactly as planned, thanks to the snow. We woke up this morning to almost 8 inches of ugly snow (according to the airport readings), and knowing that a lot of people coming today would be driving an hour, we decided that the best thing to do was just cancel it. I really don’t want it on my conscience if someone would have car trouble or, worse, get in a wreck, just trying to get to my shower.

We were predicted to get ice and snow, but really, if you’re from Kansas, you know you don’t believe anything the weatherman says until it is on the ground.

It’s been a rough winter for us. Between the now three big snows that we have had, I think we are probably breaking some kind of snowfall records. I think even the snow-lovers are sick and tired of it. I for sure am.

So today, I am lounging again, I guess. I am going to work on our honeymoon minibook and maybe get a little organizing done. And I am going to wait on spring.

March 22, 2013


mnwA07zknM3bbOT4-rpxhWXJLkp9c2tZFmn1uhK2DkY[1]+ loving: that it is Friday. This week has gone much faster than last week.
+ reading: Divergent. I’m trying to find time to really get into it. It’s not working.
+ listening to: A lot of Spotify. My offline playlist is so mixed! I love it.
+ eating: Almonds. Yummy, good fat.
+ drinking: Water. I have been drinking too much Dr Pepper this week.
+ planning: A honeymoon mini book. Gray chevron pages like our envelope liners. (I seem like I live my life paper project to paper project, huh?) And a new painting for my office at work. It needs some spunk.
+ missing: my engagement ring. It’s at the jeweler’s getting sized with my band (which I am equally in love with), and I feel off balance without it.
+ enjoying: the fact that my hair feels healthy again after getting it cut. Amazing what 2 inches off can do. (I can’t wait til after the wedding so I can cut 3 more inches off!)
+ craving: Panera Bread.
+ seeing: A messy desk. I must clean it before I leave today.
+ wishing: The next 36 days would go without incident. Let’s go, Wedding Day!

March 21, 2013

come on, spring.

IMG_3969aI miss the way a photo can make me feel at peace, pulling a softness over my brazen heart and singing it back to the place where things, small and big, are put back into squares or perspective.

When unimportant things somehow become priority, other things are lost. My photography, my soul’s simple way of telling a story through my favorite aperture blur, has for too long been ignored, in the most devastating way. So many times I have intended to hook my camera around my neck and head toward the sunshine I love so much, and so many times, I do not. I feel stationary.

It’s beginning to be taxing on me, my heart. I forgot, or perhaps never paid attention to how much my creativity, or lack thereof, directly influences my mood, and in turn, all other things in my life.

With spring coming, I can taste the soothing light that will finally calm the photo itch.

And I welcome it, smiling.
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March 20, 2013


The RSVPS are coming in! My favorite are the ones that have cute little notes written on them.

Silly me, I forgot to leave a spot for the names on the actual card, or at least make it clear that the names might be useful on the envelope. I have a bunch that are blank, so I know how many people are coming, just don’t know who. Oh well, it’ll be a surprise I suppose!
IMG_5598Even with the parade of yellow happening through this house, it is still my favorite color. And definitely the right color for our wedding. It is fantastically us.

Only 38 days to go! We are still working away, and I am about to get into crazy-craft-making mode to make sure that jars are decorated and frames are painted. And I have to order the lace for the tables. And, and, and. Still so much to do, but I am chugging through.

March 19, 2013

I am allowed.

IMG_5336I am allowed to have weak moments and cry for no reason.
I am allowed to be happy too.
I am allowed to lazy and hang out in my PJs all day.
I am allowed to want.
I am allowed to allowed to be angry.
I am allowed to feel beautiful.
I am allowed to hold big dreams in the palms of my hands & not know what to do with them.
I am allowed to change, if the changes are for the good.
I am allowed to allowed to display my inner nerd at times.
I am allowed to make my own decisions.
I am allowed to be by myself in the quiet for a while.
I am allowed to feel worthy.
I am allowed to love. And be loved. With all of my heart.

March 18, 2013

life in squares: disney, oklahoma

This weekend we rode down to Oklahoma to hit the Big Meats Run in Disney, Oklahoma. It was fun. It was scary. It was bumpy and exciting.

We arrived on Friday night and decided to do a little bit of night riding before heading in to sleep. Not even 30 minutes later, we were calling 911 for Shawn, who flipped his RZR and knocked himself out. Cold. Limp. Scary. After a trip to the ER, x-rays and 4 stitches just under his right eyebrow, he was fine, just sore. It definitely shook everyone up, and it made us all more aware of our harnesses and helmets. There’s no such thing as too cautious, I guess.

Saturday was packed full of people. I’ve never seen so many people in one place watching others ride. I would easily say there were over 1,000 RZRs, Wildcats, Jeeps, ATVs, and buggies there. Kelly rolled his RZR on the same hill that Shawn did, and later that day, JD did too. They both were fine and kept riding (after fixing a few things anyway).

Travis has some videos posted on his YouTube channel. Check it out.

Already looking forward to next year.

March 15, 2013

ideas in my head.

Lately, I’ve been feeling very motivated and inspired to design. Everything. I have sketches for stamps and cards and baby announcements (not mine!) and birthday invitations. I have ideas and colors picked out for most of them too.

I get on these spurts where my brain is so overflowing with ideas that I can hardly get them onto the blank page fast enough. They are just there.

New stamps are going to be ready in early May probably. I am not putting any more pressure on myself than I need before and immediately after our wedding. So they’ll have to wait until I am ready to get back to real life.

Most of them are summer-related and are all things that I will be using in my own Project Life. Fun.

Now, if only I can pick and choose which ones I can’t live without. That is always the hard part.

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March 14, 2013

hello, tilite.

IMG_5583My new chair is fantastic. Normally, I don’t get excited about equipment that has to do with my spinal injury. Most of it is more of a pain than any kind of excitement. But this, this is exciting.


+ It fits me. When I was injured (almost 10 years ago!), my dad’s insurance didn’t really want to help with equipment. I guess they thought that paying my medical bills for 4+ months was enough. So the manual wheelchair that I had was one that was donated to me from Craig Hospital. And it didn’t really fit me very well. I used it and made due, but it wasn’t right for me. This one is fit for me though.

+ All over flat black. 14 tiny inches wide. NaturalFit hand rims. Between the narrowness and the shape of the hand rim, it is a million times easier to push (although some grip on the hand rims will probably be something I will be adding). I didn’t really think much of pushing around a chair that was 18 inches wide, but looking now at my old chair, it was a tad bit ridiculous. My arms weren’t made for that.

+ New back. Comfortable, shorter, and more contoured.

+ Hard-surface tires. Previously, I used knobby tires, more for outside terrain, but the new tires work much better for where I am going.


March 13, 2013

12 on 12: march.

mosaic66d2ae1172e4529171be3c5173dc4daabdf1665eI first saw the 12 on 12 on Dear Lizzy’s blog, and of course, what’s a better excuse to snap random photos of my day without any pressure? Such a good idea. Good job, Lizzy girl.

Yesterday was a good day. My new manual wheelchair finally arrived, and it fits like a dream. Much, much, much better than my old manual chair. Probably because it is 4 inches narrower and has wheels that work well with my hands. Anyone who uses a wheelchair for daily living can understand just how important it is to be both comfortable and functional in your chair. While I do have to get used to this chair, I think it is going to work well for me. *fingers crossed*

Work was pretty normal. Nothing new there.

I had dinner with Maria, and we discussed all the things that best friends discuss. Our relationships, work, my wedding, her schooling, just life in general. We both needed a good girl dinner, I think.

I managed to get some Project Life time in after dinner. Another stress-reliever. I am really liking the one-side-of-a-spread-per-week format that I have been using. It takes so much pressure off of me to “fill up” the pockets with things that do not really matter or need to be shown. Plus I can use more inserts, which I love. Especially coin pocket inserts. Who knew 2×2 photos could be so cute?

I am thinking that 12 on 12 will be a monthly thing for me. It was such fun this time, and a good alternative to Day in the Life, which for some odd, unknown reason sort of overwhelms me.

Ah, life.

March 12, 2013


Somethings happens
when my hand catches
the right light
and the diamonds are all

I smile and sigh
and quietly thank God that
you chose me.

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March 9, 2013

death comes to pemberley

It’s no secret that Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite books of all time. And the movie adaptation with Kiera Knightly easily my favorite movie. Of. All. Time. So when I saw a sort of “sequel” written by PD James, I knew it had to go on my Read list.

And since one of my other goals for the year is to spend no extra money, I checked it out a few weeks ago from the library. It didn’t disappoint. Maybe because I already love the characters. But yes, it only took me about a week to really finish it. I always let a book sit it until I can dive in completely undistracted. I want to me completely immersed in it, and I always feel a little sad when I am coming to the end.

Grade: B (because some things were a little predictable)


March 7, 2013

one little word: february.

IMG_5534February’s intention for my one little word was wishing for patience. To go on a time schedule other than my own. To wish for patience is weird, right? You either have it or you don’t. I was not one to naturally be blessed with it, but what I was blessed with was a go-getter attitude. If I want something done, I want it done now (or ASAP anyway) and damn it, if I have to do it myself, that is okay with me.

I am really trying hard to learn to slow down and let things get done when the time is right (or when there is enough time to do them right).

This month, my go-getter attitude sort of mashed with my small sense of patience, and I have to say it worked out pretty well. I was able to look more closely at other people’s ideas and opinions and wants and focus more on the big picture here rather than what is good right now. Because we know that what seems good right now might not be what we need to be doing to get where we want to go.

My OLW project has already turned my word WISH into different meanings and intentions, and while WISH stays consistent, the prompts each month differ so much that it changes pretty drastically.

I am looking forward to March and seeing where my word takes me, teaches me for the rest of this month.

March 6, 2013

wedding programs.


I wasn’t sure just how I was going to do the programs for the wedding, especially since it is going to be a relatively shorter ceremony and we are having a small wedding party. No flower girl, no ring bearer, no ushers or anything like that.


I designed something quick (after a 5-minute rough sketch) to include our parents’ names, bridal party, and officiant. I cut regular white cardstock down to 4.25 x 5.5 inches and pressed print. After nearly 200 of them were printed, I flipped them over and printed one of my favorite quotes on the back. And it fits Greg and I pretty well.

Rounding the corners was my least favorite part of the whole process and the most time-consuming too. I really thought about quitting the rounding halfway through the stack, but of course the inconsistency would have driven me nuts.


I am happy with how they turned out, how expensive they were to make, and how they’ll fit into the other locker basket with the bird seed packets.

March 5, 2013

weight gain progress.

I’m doing it. I’m finally gaining the weight that I’ve been trying to. I have been using an app to track my calories, and I’ve been stuffing my face with everything in sight. A lot of bread and fruit snacks at work (those little suckers have calories!). Muscle Milk. Avocados. Peanuts.

But it’s working. Such a good feeling.

I can’t really see any change in my body besides that my thighs look a tiny bit meatier. And that is A-okay with me. I’m going to take it and keep going.

Here’s to 5 more pounds before the wedding!

March 4, 2013

she is fierce.

IMG_5518_tealI love this quote. Who couldn’t? It’s Shakespeare. It sums up so many women, in so many different ways, in so many different places in their life.

I originally was going to give my sister a print for her office with this quote, but I ended up finding one that fit us better. So I made one for my own office, and listed some in my Etsy also. And women liked them. I sold 6 of them pretty quickly. I have re-listed some (both 4×6 and 5×7).

Go get ’em here.

March 1, 2013

hello March.

March is going to be a good month. March is going to be exciting and, like I said yesterday, is going to probably fly by.
Looking forward to:

+ Disney, Oklahoma for some UTV riding.
+ Bridal shower.
+ Getting RSVPs back.
+ Getting my dress fitted.
+ Ordering custom Converse.