one little word: february.

IMG_5534February’s intention for my one little word was wishing for patience. To go on a time schedule other than my own. To wish for patience is weird, right? You either have it or you don’t. I was not one to naturally be blessed with it, but what I was blessed with was a go-getter attitude. If I want something done, I want it done now (or ASAP anyway) and damn it, if I have to do it myself, that is okay with me.

I am really trying hard to learn to slow down and let things get done when the time is right (or when there is enough time to do them right).

This month, my go-getter attitude sort of mashed with my small sense of patience, and I have to say it worked out pretty well. I was able to look more closely at other people’s ideas and opinions and wants and focus more on the big picture here rather than what is good right now. Because we know that what seems good right now might not be what we need to be doing to get where we want to go.

My OLW project has already turned my word WISH into different meanings and intentions, and while WISH stays consistent, the prompts each month differ so much that it changes pretty drastically.

I am looking forward to March and seeing where my word takes me, teaches me for the rest of this month.


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